Glory to God hymnal

The Glory to God hymnal published in 2013 by Westminster John Knox Press is a wonderful musical resource for intercultural worship.PIN has sorted through the Index of Authors, Composers, and Sources in order to provide you with lists of hymns that are

If you find any that we’ve missed, please let us know so we can add them. Glory to God is included in the website, so its songs may be searched by title or hymn number online here. Most can be found, viewed, and sometimes even heard there.

Use the links below to explore the possibilities!

There are songs coming from:

Africa: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawa, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe

African-Americans: hymns and spirituals

Asia, Indonesia, Philippines, and New Zealand: Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, and New Zealand

British Isles: England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Caribbean, Central and South America: Caribbean, Jamaica, West India, Honduras, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Guarini

Europe and Northern Eurasia: Dutch, French, Austria, German, Italy, Sicily, Latvia, Poland, Silesia, Russian Orthodox, Sweden, and Finland

Middle East and India: Arabic, Pashto (Afghanistan/Pakistan), Hasidic, Jewish, Israeli, Yiddish, Punjabi (India)

North America: Native American and hymns set to North American folk tunes

Spanish-speaking cultures: In addition to hymns from Argentina, Ecuador, and the Caribbean, this page includes many hymns by Hispanic composers.

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Quite a number of hymns are printed in multiple languages.

Hymns printed in multiple languages: in addition to a list of hymns printed in English, Korean, and Spanish, this page has  links to other pages that include hymns printed in English plus a second language (occasionally more).

Other possibilities

The Taizé community writes short, Simple Songs so that can easily be sung by the whole community, either learned in English or sung in other languages. Some of the music of the Iona community is similarly easy. Rounds and other similar styles of songs are usually simple enough that they can be enjoyed by all.

Then there are songs that fit well with the goals and intent of intercultural community – ones that deal with issues of Social Justice.

or themes of Inclusion, Peace, and Welcome. Though some of the songs included in these two lists have stronger messages than others and the list provided is by no means exhaustive, we hope they can serve to remind congregations of the hopes and needs of our broad, wide, intercultural world.

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