North American


Hymns and tunes from North America

Native American

Hear the Good News of Salvation Dakota melody Wotanin waste nahon po 441
Many and Great, O God, Are Thy Works Dakota melody 21
Take the Saving Word of God Kiowa melody (Kiowa) Dawk’yah towgyah thawy báht-awm 454
Heleluyan, We Are Singing Muscogee (Creek) melody/hymn Heleluyan 642
Amazing Grace,
How Sweet the Sound
traditional American hymn with translations Chocktaw

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Hymns set to North American folk tunes

Christ Has Died; Christ Is Risen
Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord, Have Mercy
O Lamb of God
American folk melody 546-555
Bless the Lord, O My Soul Appalachian folk melody 535
God, You Spin the Whirling Planets American melody 23
How Firm a Foundation American folk melody 463
I Come with Joy American folk melody 515
I Danced in the Morning American Shaker melody 157
Isaiah the Prophet Has Written of Old American folk melody 77
Lord, Bid Your Servant Go in Peace
Lord, When I Came into This Life
We Come to You for Healing, Lord
American folk melody 545
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory American melody 354
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need USA folk melody 803
What Wondrous Love Is This American folk hymn 215
When God Restored Our Common Life USA folk melody 74

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