Middle East and India


Hymns and songs from India and from Arab and Jewish traditions

Indian (Punjabi)


Arabic text and hymn

Peace of God Be with You Arabic greeting As-salaamu lakum 448
Jesus Knows the Inmost Heart Pashto hymn (Afghanistan / Pakistan) 427

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Jewish melodies

All with Joyful Exultation Hasidic melody 798
Open Your Ears, O Faithful People (Torah ora) Hasidic melody Torah ora 453
Farewell, Good Friends! Hebrew blessing Shalom, chaverim! 540
By the Waters of Babylon Jewish melody 784
Come and Sing the Praise of the Lord Israeli melody Hal’luhu b’zilz’le shama 389
Farewell, Good Friends! Israeli melody Shalom, chaverim! 540
God, How Can We Forgive Jewish melody 445
Lift Up the Gates Eternal Israeli folk melody 364
Light One Candle to Watch for Messiah Yiddish folk song 85
The God of Abraham Praise Jewish melody 49

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Indian (Punjabi) melodies

Blest Be God, Praised Forever Punjabi melody Rab ki hove sanaa hameshaa 617
Jesus, Savior, Lord, Now to You I Come Punjabi melody Saranam, saranam 789

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