My first chance to formally explore multicultural ministry was a Ghost Ranch Multicultural Institute experience in 2006. Since then I have had opportunity to attend, be nurtured and challenged in the ministry at three of the multicultural church conferences. The network of leaders committed to living into the realities of our world and to be a church of all nations and cultures has been powerfully positive –and a real source of energy in challenging days of church. As our congregation has grown and deepened in its multicultural identity in all ways, the mentoring that takes place in the network has been essential to my own growth as a pastor in these past 11 years. I am very pleased that the denomination has sought to support this effort over the years –and challenge us to live into the church that welcomes all people of the world.

The Rev. Christine Johnson Foster
Co-Pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church, Providence, RI
Strong Supporter of PMN

PMN has been a great resource for me. When I was called to start a multicultural new church development, I needed to have conversations with other people, who were addressing the same issues and asking the same questions. It was not that I was trying to replace our homogeneous churches; I was called to address God’s expanded view of the church in my immediate context. By attending PMN led events, I was exposed to new resources and introduced to experienced Presbyterian leaders, who had sailed on the “unchartered waters” I was embarking.

The Rev. James Hickson Lee
Pastor of New Covenant Fellowship, Austin, TX
Board Moderator of PMN

I support the PMN because of its unwavering love and commitment to the vision of a united Pentecost church where people of “every nation, tripe and language” come together in one place and joyfully worship God and witness to the transformative power of Christ in a broken and divided world. I support the PMN because their members tirelessly provide spirit filled, spirit lead leadership training, cutting edge resources and consultative services to Presbyterians in the United States and beyond. Since its official recognition in April 24. 2004, and in partnership with the General Assembly Mission Council office of multicultural ministry, the PMN held 10 vital national conferences, provided leadership training to more than 7000 clergy and lay leaders and as a result of their gracious efforts and dedicated leadership, the number of multicultural congregations in the PC(U.S.A.) has increased from 200 in the year 2000 to more than 1,350 in 2010. Blessings upon all who join the PMN in this journey.

The Rev. Raafat Girgis
Coordinator for Multicultural Church Support
Office of the General Assembly Mission Council

I support the PMN because this organization worships, serves, grows congregations, and develops leaders who are committed to engaging in ministry in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural manner to give glory and honor to God. The PMN honors people of all backgrounds, racial ethnic groups, and socio-economic statuses. It sees the future of Christ’s church in a world that will continue to be more multi-cultural in its makeup and more diverse in every way.  The PMN is made up of pastors, elders, and other leaders who believe in God’s love for all people and who value the diverse world in which we live and move and have our being.

The Rev. Mary Newbern-Williams
Designated Pastor of Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO
Former Secretary for the PMN

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