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Remembering James Lee

Honoring the tireless ministry of the  Rev. James Hickson Lee  and his contagious passion for building  intercultural relationships and community;  and in loving memory of James,  our wonderful colleague, beloved friend, loving brother,  and even our “pastor” when we most needed him.

“I now realize…”

(Acts 10:34 NIV) — another Peter’s ‘Aha!’ moment —  posted by Gun Ho Lee, PIN Vice-moderator In the fall of 2002, “Peter” was praying in his study room when he got a call from Professor Syngman Rhee.

Was Jesus black?

The question involves more than “political correctness” (which involves using words carefully chosen by the powerful to placate those without power).  This is a question that encompasses both political and theological issues, and we ignore it at the peril of our soul…

Entrusted with the message of reconciliation

(2 Corinthians 5:19 NRSV) – As a newly arrived international student from Nigeria, I found myself in Southwestern Oklahoma in the mid-70’s, about to experience an act of bigotry against me unbeknownst to me at the time…

O Worship the King

Recently I’ve been able to spend a few weeks worshiping with a congregation that enjoys its cultural diversity. Better, even, than their African Sunday (which was wonderful!), was a well-attended evening class about African worship. It was great that they held the class, even better that people came, but the best part was what we learned.

Deep in Our Hearts

In late July, hundreds of us caught planes, packed cars, and boarded buses to make our way to The Big Tent in Knoxville, Tennessee located on the campus of the University of Tennessee Knoxville.  Our Presbyterian Intercultural Network (PIN) connected to the Big Tent theme this year – “Living Missionally—Advocacy”.  Our preconference, co-sponsored by the Office for Intercultural Ministries and the PIN, began with worship in the beautiful Black Cultural Center.  This space was transformed into a sacred space filled with reminders of our interconnectedness from across the globe.

You’re invited!

(The invitation to attend the Intercultural Pre-Conference prior to the 2015 Big Tent.)

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2016 Intercultural
Regional Conference

All In!
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August 22-24, 2016

Columbia Theological Seminary
Decatur, Georgia

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